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void MainWindow::saveOptions (  )  [private]

Saves the general options like all toolbar positions and status as well as the geometry and the recent file list to the configuration file.

Definition at line 731 of file mainwindow.cpp.

References isNewDocument(), and saveCollectionOptions().

Referenced by queryExit().

//  kdDebug() << "MainWindow::saveOptions()" << endl;
  // for some reason, the m_config pointer is getting changed, but
  // I can't figure out where, so just to be on the safe side
  if(m_config != kapp->config()) {
    kdDebug() << "MainWindow::saveOptions() - inconsistent KConfig pointers!" << endl;
    m_config = kapp->config();

  saveMainWindowSettings(m_config, QString::fromLatin1("Main Window Options"));

  m_config->setGroup("General Options");
#if !KDE_IS_VERSION(3,1,90)
  m_config->writeEntry("Show Statusbar", m_toggleStatusBar->isChecked());
  m_config->writeEntry("Show Group Widget", m_toggleGroupWidget->isChecked());
  m_config->writeEntry("Show Edit Widget", m_toggleEntryEditor->isChecked());
  m_config->writeEntry("Show Entry View", m_toggleEntryView->isChecked());

  m_fileOpenRecent->saveEntries(m_config, QString::fromLatin1("Recent Files"));
  if(!isNewDocument()) {
    m_config->writeEntry("Last Open File", Kernel::self()->doc()->URL().url());
  } else {
    // decided I didn't want the entry over-written when exited with an empty document
//    m_config->writeEntry("Last Open File", QString::null);

  m_config->setGroup("Main Window Options");
  m_config->writeEntry("Main Splitter Sizes", m_split->sizes());
  m_config->writeEntry("Secondary Splitter Sizes", m_split2->sizes());

  m_config->setGroup("Group View Options");
  m_config->writeEntry("SortColumn", m_groupView->columnSorted());
  m_config->writeEntry("SortAscending", m_groupView->ascendingSort());

  // this is used in the EntryEditDialog constructor, too
  m_editDialog->saveDialogSize(QString::fromLatin1("Edit Dialog Options"));


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