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Tellico::Data::Collection Class Reference

#include <collection.h>

Inheritance diagram for Tellico::Data::Collection:

Tellico::Data::BibtexCollection Tellico::Data::BookCollection Tellico::Data::CardCollection Tellico::Data::CoinCollection Tellico::Data::ComicBookCollection Tellico::Data::MusicCollection Tellico::Data::StampCollection Tellico::Data::VideoCollection Tellico::Data::WineCollection

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Detailed Description

The Collection class is the primary data object, holding a list of fields and entries.

A collection holds entries of a single type, whether it be books, CDs, or whatever. It has a list of attributes which apply for the whole collection. A unique id value identifies each collection object.

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Robby Stephenson
collection.h 950 2004-11-15 04:46:42Z robby

Definition at line 46 of file collection.h.

Public Types

enum  Type {
  Base = 1, Book = 2, Video = 3, Album = 4,
  Bibtex = 5, ComicBook = 6, Wine = 7, Coin = 8,
  Stamp = 9, Card = 10


void signalFieldAdded (Tellico::Data::Collection *coll, Tellico::Data::Field *field)
void signalFieldDeleted (Tellico::Data::Collection *coll, Tellico::Data::Field *field)
void signalFieldModified (Tellico::Data::Collection *coll, Tellico::Data::Field *newField, Tellico::Data::Field *oldField)
void signalFieldsReordered (Tellico::Data::Collection *coll)
void signalGroupModified (Tellico::Data::Collection *coll, const Tellico::Data::EntryGroup *group)
void signalRefreshField (Tellico::Data::Field *field)

Public Member Functions

void addEntry (Entry *entry)
virtual bool addField (Field *field)
virtual bool addFields (const FieldList &list)
 Collection (const QString &title, const QString &entryName, const QString &entryTitle)
const QString & defaultGroupField () const
bool deleteEntry (Entry *entry)
virtual bool deleteField (const QString &name, bool force=false)
virtual bool deleteField (Field *field, bool force=false)
unsigned entryCount () const
EntryGroupDict *const entryGroupDictByName (const QString &name) const
const QStringList & entryGroups () const
const EntryList & entryList () const
const QString & entryName () const
const QString & entryTitle () const
Field *const fieldByName (const QString &name) const
Field *const fieldByTitle (const QString &title) const
const QStringList & fieldCategories () const
const FieldList & fieldList () const
const QString & fieldNameByTitle (const QString &title) const
const QStringList & fieldNames () const
FieldList fieldsByCategory (const QString &category) const
const QString & fieldTitleByName (const QString &name) const
const QStringList & fieldTitles () const
void groupModified (EntryGroup *group)
bool hasImages () const
const QString & iconName () const
int id () const
const FieldList & imageFields () const
void invalidateGroups ()
bool isAllowed (const QString &key, const QString &value) const
virtual bool mergeField (Field *field)
virtual bool modifyField (Field *field)
int nextEntryId () const
const FieldList & peopleFields () const
void reorderFields (const FieldList &list)
void setDefaultGroupField (const QString &name)
void setIconName (const QString &name)
void setTitle (const QString &title)
const QString & title () const
virtual Type type () const
void updateDicts (Entry *entry)
QStringList valuesByFieldName (const QString &name) const

Static Public Attributes

static const QString s_emptyGroupTitle = i18n("(Empty)")
static const QString s_peopleGroupName = QString::fromLatin1("_people")

Protected Member Functions

QStringList entryGroupNamesByField (Entry *entry, const QString &fieldName)
void populateDicts (Entry *entry)
void removeEntryFromDicts (Entry *entry)

Static Protected Member Functions

static int getID ()

Private Member Functions

 Collection (const Collection &coll)
Collection operator= (const Collection &coll)

Private Attributes

QString m_defaultGroupField
QDict< EntryGroupDict > m_entryGroupDicts
QStringList m_entryGroups
EntryList m_entryList
QString m_entryName
QString m_entryTitle
QStringList m_fieldCategories
FieldList m_fieldList
QDict< Fieldm_fieldNameDict
QStringList m_fieldNames
QDict< Fieldm_fieldTitleDict
QStringList m_fieldTitles
QString m_iconName
int m_id
FieldList m_imageFields
int m_nextEntryId
FieldList m_peopleFields
QString m_title

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