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CollectionFieldsDialog::CollectionFieldsDialog ( Data::Collection coll,
QWidget *  parent,
const char *  name = 0 

The constructor sets up the dialog.

coll A pointer to the collection parent of all the attributes
parent A pointer to the parent widget
name The widget name

Definition at line 80 of file collectionfieldsdialog.cpp.

References Tellico::Data::Collection::fieldCategories(), Tellico::Data::Collection::fieldList(), Tellico::Data::Collection::fieldsByCategory(), Tellico::Data::Collection::type(), and Tellico::Data::Field::typeTitles().

    : KDialogBase(parent_, name_, false, i18n("Collection Fields"), Help|Default|Ok|Apply|Cancel, Ok, false),
      m_oldIndex(-1) {
  QWidget* page = new QWidget(this);
  QHBoxLayout* topLayout = new QHBoxLayout(page, 0, KDialog::spacingHint());

  QGroupBox* fieldsGroup = new QGroupBox(1, Qt::Horizontal, i18n("Current Fields"), page);
  topLayout->addWidget(fieldsGroup, 1);
  m_fieldsBox = new QListBox(fieldsGroup);

  for(Data::FieldListIterator it(m_coll->fieldList()); it.current(); ++it) {
    // ignore ReadOnly
    if(it.current()->type() != Data::Field::ReadOnly) {
      (void) new ListBoxText(m_fieldsBox, it.current());
  connect(m_fieldsBox, SIGNAL(highlighted(int)), SLOT(slotHighlightedChanged(int)));

  QHBox* hb1 = new QHBox(fieldsGroup);
  m_btnNew = new KPushButton(i18n("New Field", "New"), hb1);
  m_btnNew->setIconSet(BarIcon(QString::fromLatin1("filenew"), KIcon::SizeSmall));
  QWhatsThis::add(m_btnNew, i18n("Add a new field to the collection"));
  m_btnDelete = new KPushButton(i18n("Delete Field", "Delete"), hb1);
  m_btnDelete->setIconSet(BarIcon(QString::fromLatin1("editdelete"), KIcon::SizeSmall));
  QWhatsThis::add(m_btnDelete, i18n("Remove a field from the collection"));

  connect(m_btnNew, SIGNAL(clicked()), SLOT(slotNew()) );
  connect(m_btnDelete, SIGNAL(clicked()), SLOT(slotDelete()));

  QHBox* hb2 = new QHBox(fieldsGroup);
  m_btnUp = new KPushButton(hb2);
  m_btnUp->setPixmap(BarIcon(QString::fromLatin1("up"), KIcon::SizeSmall));
  QWhatsThis::add(m_btnUp, i18n("Move this field up in the list. The list order is important "
                                "for the layout of the entry editor."));
  m_btnDown = new KPushButton(hb2);
  m_btnDown->setPixmap(BarIcon(QString::fromLatin1("down"), KIcon::SizeSmall));
  QWhatsThis::add(m_btnDown, i18n("Move this field down in the list. The list order is important "
                                  "for the layout of the entry editor."));

  connect(m_btnUp, SIGNAL(clicked()), SLOT(slotMoveUp()) );
  connect(m_btnDown, SIGNAL(clicked()), SLOT(slotMoveDown()));

  QVBox* vbox = new QVBox(page);
  topLayout->addWidget(vbox, 2);

  QGroupBox* propGroup = new QGroupBox(1, Qt::Horizontal, i18n("Field Properties"), vbox);

  QWidget* grid = new QWidget(propGroup);
  // (parent, nrows, ncols, margin, spacing)
  QGridLayout* layout = new QGridLayout(grid, 4, 4, 0, KDialog::spacingHint());

  QLabel* label = new QLabel(i18n("Title:"), grid);
  layout->addWidget(label, 0, 0);
  m_titleEdit = new KLineEdit(grid);
  layout->addWidget(m_titleEdit, 0, 1);
  QString whats = i18n("The title of the field");
  QWhatsThis::add(label, whats);
  QWhatsThis::add(m_titleEdit, whats);
  connect(m_titleEdit, SIGNAL(textChanged(const QString&)), SLOT(slotModified()));

  label = new QLabel(i18n("Type:"), grid);
  layout->addWidget(label, 0, 2);
  m_typeCombo = new KComboBox(grid);
  layout->addWidget(m_typeCombo, 0, 3);
  whats = QString::fromLatin1("<qt>");
  whats += i18n("The type of the field determines what values may be used. ");
  whats += i18n("<i>Simple Text</i> is used for most fields. ");
  whats += i18n("<i>Paragraph</i> is for large text blocks. ");
  whats += i18n("<i>Choice</i> limits the field to certain values. ");
  whats += i18n("<i>Checkbox</i> is for a simple yes/no value. ");
  whats += i18n("<i>Number</i> indicates that the field contains a numerical value. ");
  whats += i18n("<i>URL</i> is for fields which refer to URLs, including references to other files. ");
  whats += i18n("<i>Table</i>s may be a single or double column of values. ");
  whats += i18n("An <i>Image</i> field holds a picture. ");
  whats += i18n("A <i>Date</i> field can be used for values with a day, month, and year. ");
  whats += i18n("A <i>Dependent</i> field depends on the values of other "
                "fields, and is formatted according to the field description. ");
  whats += i18n("A <i>Read Only</i> is for internal values, possibly useful for import and export. ");
  whats += QString::fromLatin1("</qt>");
  QWhatsThis::add(label, whats);
  QWhatsThis::add(m_typeCombo, whats);
  // the typeTitles match the typeMap().values() but in a better order
  connect(m_typeCombo, SIGNAL(activated(int)), SLOT(slotModified()));
  connect(m_typeCombo, SIGNAL(activated(const QString&)), SLOT(slotTypeChanged(const QString&)));

  label = new QLabel(i18n("Category:"), grid);
  layout->addWidget(label, 1, 0);
  m_catCombo = new KComboBox(true, grid);
  layout->addWidget(m_catCombo, 1, 1);
  whats = i18n("The field category determines where the field is placed in the editor.");
  QWhatsThis::add(label, whats);
  QWhatsThis::add(m_catCombo, whats);

  // I don't want to include the categories for singleCategory fields
  QStringList cats;
  const QStringList allCats = m_coll->fieldCategories();
  for(QStringList::ConstIterator it = allCats.begin(); it != allCats.end(); ++it) {
    Data::FieldList list = m_coll->fieldsByCategory(*it);
    if(!list.isEmpty() && !list.getFirst()->isSingleCategory()) {
  connect(m_catCombo, SIGNAL(textChanged(const QString&)), SLOT(slotModified()));

  label = new QLabel(i18n("Description:"), grid);
  layout->addWidget(label, 3, 0);
  m_allowEdit = new KLineEdit(grid);
  layout->addMultiCellWidget(m_allowEdit, 2, 2, 1, 3);
  whats = i18n("<qt>For <i>Choice</i>-type fields, these are the only values allowed. They are "
               "placed in a combo box.</qt>");
  QWhatsThis::add(label, whats);
  QWhatsThis::add(m_allowEdit, whats);
  connect(m_allowEdit, SIGNAL(textChanged(const QString&)), SLOT(slotModified()));

  label = new QLabel(i18n("Allowed:"), grid);
  layout->addWidget(label, 2, 0);
  m_descEdit = new KLineEdit(grid);
  layout->addMultiCellWidget(m_descEdit, 3, 3, 1, 3);
  whats = i18n("The description is a useful reminder of what information is contained in the "
               "field. For <i>Dependent</i> fields, the description is a format string such as "
               "\"%{year} %{title}\" where the named fields get substituted in the string.");
  QWhatsThis::add(label, whats);
  QWhatsThis::add(m_descEdit, whats);
  connect(m_descEdit, SIGNAL(textChanged(const QString&)), SLOT(slotModified()));

  label = new QLabel(i18n("Extended Properties:"), grid);
  layout->addWidget(label, 4, 0);
  m_btnExtended = new KPushButton(i18n("Set..."), grid);
  layout->addMultiCellWidget(m_btnExtended, 4, 4, 1, 1);
  whats = i18n("Extended field properties are used to specify things such as the corresponding bibtex field.");
  QWhatsThis::add(label, whats);
  connect(m_btnExtended, SIGNAL(clicked()), SLOT(slotShowExtendedProperties()));

  QButtonGroup* bg = new QButtonGroup(1, Qt::Horizontal, i18n("Format Options"), vbox);
  m_formatNone = new QRadioButton(i18n("No formatting"), bg);
  QWhatsThis::add(m_formatNone, i18n("This option prevents the field from ever being "
                                     "automatically formatted or capitalized."));
  m_formatPlain = new QRadioButton(i18n("Allow auto-capitalization only"), bg);
  QWhatsThis::add(m_formatPlain, i18n("This option allows the field to be capitalized, but "
                                      "not specially formatted."));
  m_formatTitle = new QRadioButton(i18n("Format as a title"), bg);
  QWhatsThis::add(m_formatTitle, i18n("This option capitalizes and formats the field as a "
                                      "title, but only if those options are globally set."));
  m_formatName = new QRadioButton(i18n("Format as a name"), bg);
  QWhatsThis::add(m_formatName, i18n("This option capitalizes and formats the field as a "
                                     "name, but only if those options are globally set."));
  connect(bg, SIGNAL(clicked(int)), SLOT(slotModified()));

  QGroupBox* optionsGroup = new QGroupBox(1, Qt::Horizontal, i18n("Field Options"), vbox);
  m_complete = new QCheckBox(i18n("Enable auto-completion"), optionsGroup);
  QWhatsThis::add(m_complete, i18n("If checked, KDE auto-completion will be enabled in the "
                                   "text edit box for this field."));
  m_multiple = new QCheckBox(i18n("Allow multiple values"), optionsGroup);
  QWhatsThis::add(m_multiple, i18n("If checked, Tellico will parse the values in the field "
                                   "for multiple values, separated by a semi-colon."));
  m_grouped = new QCheckBox(i18n("Allow grouping"), optionsGroup);
  QWhatsThis::add(m_grouped, i18n("If checked, this field may be used to group the entries in "
                                  "the group view."));
  connect(m_complete, SIGNAL(clicked()), SLOT(slotModified()));
  connect(m_multiple, SIGNAL(clicked()), SLOT(slotModified()));
  connect(m_grouped, SIGNAL(clicked()), SLOT(slotModified()));

  // need to stretch at bottom
  vbox->setStretchFactor(new QWidget(vbox), 1);

  // keep a default collection
  m_defaultCollection = CollectionFactory::collection(m_coll->type(), true);

                  i18n("Revert the selected field's properties to the default values."));



  // initially the m_typeCombo is populated with all types, but as soon as something is
  // selected in the fields box, the combo box is cleared and filled with the allowable
  // new types. The problem is that when more types are added, the size of the combo box
  // doesn't change. So when everything is laid out, the combo box needs to have all the
  // items there.
  QTimer::singleShot(0, this, SLOT(slotSelectInitial()));

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